Bossman Hogg

Bossman HoggExploding out of the highly over sought streets of San Diego, is rapper Bossman Hogg. The name “Bossman Hogg” is an acronym that stands for, “(B)eyond (O)ppression, (S)truggle (S)urvivor, (M)an of (A)ll (N)ecessities, (H)eavenly (O)rdered with (G)od’s (G)uidance.” A name that pretty much speaks for itself and needs no introduction. Unequivocally taking the music scene by storm, Bossman Hogg ties the industry with true to heart, authentic, music that serves as what some might say is like a “..soundtrack to the streets.”

Listen as the boss takes you on a trip around the world starting with his real life experiences which include everything from, death, drugs, hustlin’, street life, and growing up in the projects and overcoming it all, while continuing to put emphasis on the importance of knowledge within our streets and unity within our communities. Open up your mind and soul as you experience, BOSSMAN HOGG.