Web Design

What is a web designer? On the surface, a web designer creates websites for companies and businesses. However, to have a successful website a designer must understand both the long term and short term goals of their client.

Here at Bottomline, we belive part of rising above the competition means the designer must anticipate, what questions your visitors will ask and how the visitor will behave. Therefore, the web designer’s choices of where to place the text and what photos to use, will have a direct effect on how long a visitor stays on your site. The better job a designer does, the longer the visitor will remain on your site.
Our main concept is also to help give you that professional image which is essential when sending a strong message, selling a product, or simply impressing your viewers.
Web Services:
  • Custom Websites – 100% Unique Design (from scratch).
  • Templates – Customizable templates (editable color, images, and sound).
  • Flash – Add some animation or have a fully animated website.
  • E-commerce – Sell anything with your own on-line store.
  • Web Hosting – We’ll also host your website and domain
  • Style – Urban / Modern